Simple Squared - easy to use vape pen

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The Simple2 Squared is the easiest to use vape pen on the market.  Simply click the button 2 times and it automatically preheats your cartridge for 10 seconds.  The Simple2  Squared can then either be puff activated or button activated.  Puff activation is cool and easy to use but not all cartridges work with airlfow activated vape pens.  And, if you cartridge clogs you need to turn on the battery to help melt the clog which is why we wanted to give you both options.  

The square body ensures that your vape pen won't roll off the counter or behind your dresser.  Most batteries lose performance as the battery power decreases.  So we upgraded the technology to give you consistently good hits, regardless of how much power is remaining.

If you already own a Simple2 Squared and need instructions click here.