Yes you can.

While we do not recommend doing so, it is possible. Make sure you are using the included charging cord.

While an Ario device is charging the light will be red. Once it's fully charged, the light will be green. To preserve battery, the light goes off after a while, so if there is no light at all, it's likely fully charged and you can remove it.

When the need arises, usually because of little or no vapor, or just to keep your vape pen in prime condition, it's very simple to clean.

Wet a cotton swab with some Isopropyl Alcohol and gently swab the top where the cartridge threads screw in. Also rub around the bottom of the cartridge threads to remove any oil residue there. If you have a Contour/drop in device, you can clean around the bottom of that too. Allow device to fully dry before using it again, usually within just a few minutes.

White blinking lights usually mean that the battery charge is almost completely out and should be recharged. On most Ario devices there is a light system to indicate battery life: when you push and hold the button and a green light appears, it means there is 20 - 100% battery life remaining. When you push and hold the button and a red light appears, it means there is less than 20% battery life remaining so you should charge soon.

Another potential reason for white blinking lights is that the cartridge you're using is a fake/knock-off of a proper cartridge. So try charging your device fully first, and then try your cartridge/s again.

No, Ario Vape is not resistant to water, or waterproof.

Vaporizing Questions

Vaporizing, often referred to as "vaping", is the process of using an electronic device to heat up a concentrate or dried form of plant material. 

Vapor is the water-based by-product of vaporizing concentrate material. It generally has less of a cloud-like appearance and far less prevalent smell than smoking.

It is unknown just what the affects are on our lungs and bodies when we vape vs smoke. We do know that vaping (either with oil cartridges or with loose concentrates) does not result in as much butane being inhaled. And being able to choose a lower voltage/temperature on many devices gives you the option for less heat.

Yes. Temperature will affect the release of certain compounds within the concentrate. Many have reported that the kind of affects are different when they vape vs. when they smoke, but both still provide the relief or affect they are looking for.

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