Contour vape batteries are the most discreet devices on the market.  To use a Contour battery, simply thread your 510 threaded cartridge onto an included ring and drop it into the cartridge slot on the battery.  To use magnetic carts with the Contour 3 you don't need a connector, simply drop the cartridge into the vape.  There is a small metal lip next to the magnet, just make sure you are not caught on the lip.


Instructions for all Contour Max, Contour 1 and Contour 2 batteries
Power on or off: Click the button 5 times quickly (5 times within 3 seconds)
Preheat your cartridge: Click the button 2 times
Change power level: Click the button 3 times (Blue = Low, Green = Med, Red = High)
Charging: Plug the included micro USB cord into the slot.  Charge the battery with a wall charger (not in your car or with a computer).  *Never use a fast charger*.  Always use a wall charger with a power output of 2A or less. When it is charging, the power light will be red.  When it is fully charged, the red light will turn green and then go off.


To use:
Power the device on, insert a cartridge (with connector ring if necessary) into the slot.  Press and hold the power button and inhale on the mouthpiece.


If you are not getting any vape, you do not have a good electrical connection due to dirt or oil. Often times, simply twisting your cartridge or lifting the cartridge and magnetic ring out and back in to ensure a good connection is all it takes.  If you still have no connection, clean the contacts by moistening a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the bottom of your cartridge, magnetic connector and inside the battery (where it connects to your cartridge or ring).  Let it air dry and continue use.
Some cartridges have a longer or shorter power pin.  So, if you are having issues with your Contour, we suggest screwing the ring all the way, and then unscrewing a half turn (or so).