The Covert e-cig clone is a new concept for many of our loyal customers.  Here are some tips and troubleshooting steps.


The Covert has 2 pieces.  The base (where your cartridge is screwed in) is the control module.  The cover has the battery cell.  The two pieces need to be connected to charge the battery cell.

To charge the Covert: 

On your first charge, separate the two parts and remove the small plastic barrier between the 2 pieces.  Reconnect both parts and plug in the USB-C cord (included in package) to a wall plug with an output power of 5v/1A or less power.  Using a fast charger may damage the device and void your warranty.  A red LED light on the control module will illuminate when charging and turn off when fully charged.

The two parts need to be connected for the Covert to charge.  The battery cell is housed in the cover and the base has the main motherboard that controls the device.  The device needs to have a good connection between the base and the cover, so ensuring there is no residual oil on the metal contacts on both is important.  Periodically cleaning the metal contact points with 91%+ isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab will ensure you have a good electrical connection.  

If you're having issues charging, ensure both pieces are securely connected and the contacts are clean before plugging in.

To turn the Covert on/off: Tap the charging port 5 times

To activate preheat mode: Tap the charging port 2 times

To change power: Tap the charging port 3 times

The charging port has a capacitive touch sensor.  So you tap the charging port with your finger, as you would a button. 

Power settings: 

Blue = Low

Green = Medium

White = Big Clouds

Red = Hot



No vapor is produced.

1) Is the device charged and turned on?  The LED on the bottom of the base will illuminate when you inhale on the device.  If the LED does not illuminate then the device needs to be turned on or charged.  You can easily tell if it's turned on by separating the two pieces and reconnecting them.  When you reconnect, the device will automatically be in the ON position.  You can tap on the charging port 2 times to activate the preheat setting, which will turn the LED on the base into a tiny rainbow light show.  If you see the LED illuminate then you know it doesn't need to be charged.

2) Change the power setting.  Some cartridges require a higher power setting to produce significant vapor.

3) Do you have a good connection between the base and the cover?  Disconnect the two pieces and wipe down the metal contacts on both pieces.  If you have oil built up on either piece, clean with isopropyl alcohol (91%+) and a cotton swab.

4) If oil has leaked into the control module and you can no longer activate it by inhaling, you may need to purchase a new base.  If you remove the base with the cartridge attached and inhale on your cartridge.  If you can't inhale any air, then your cartridge or the device is clogged.

Device won't charge

1) Plug device into a known good outlet (i.e. an outlet that you know is working by plugging in another device, like a lamp).

2) Try using a different charging block.  Charging blocks eventually fail.  Try a different charging block.

3) Try a different USB-C charging cord.  Charging cords eventually fail.  Try a different USB-C charging cord.

4) Ensure that both pieces are connected properly and that there is no debris between the two pieces.


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