We designed the Simple2 Squared to be the easiest to use vape pen on the market. It is either breath or button activated and we made it square so it won't roll away when you set it down.

Instructions for Simple2 Squared vape pen

For optimal performance, fully charge before first use.

Charging: The green power light ring will turn red when you have 20% or less power left in the device. When the charge indicator light turns red, plug the included micro usb cord into the slot at the side of the vape.  Charge the battery with a wall charger (not in your car or with a computer) *never use a fast charger*.  Always use a wall charger with a power output of 2A or less. When it is charging, the power light will be red.  When it is fully charged, the red light will turn green and then turn off.

Power on or off: Click the button 2 times quickly (2 times within 3 seconds).

Preheat your cartridge: The pen automatically goes into preheat mode for 10 seconds every time you turn the device on.

Change power level: The Simple2 Squared is optimized for use with all oil cartridges and has only 1 power setting for simplified operation.

To use: Screw your favorite oil cartridge or the Wax Stick onto the threaded end of the pen.  Click the power button 2 times.  You can activate the pen by inhaling on your cartridge (breath activation) or pressing the button and inhaling on your cartridge.


Cartridge isn't working - Remove your cartridge and check to see if it, the magnet or the pen need to be cleaned of residual oil (visually inspect where the parts connect).  To clean residual oil, power off the device and then moisten the end of a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol. Wipe down both the bottom of the cartridge and the contact pin (where the device connects to the cartridge or magnet).  Let the pen and cartridge air dry.  Once dry, reinstall cartridge.

Light won't turn on when button is pressed - Press button 2 times quickly (2 times within 3 seconds)

Pen won't turn on when button is pressed 2 times - These are exceptionally reliable batteries, but the cadence of how quickly or slowly you press the button will determine if it will turn on or off.  We recommend slowing your cadence down or speeding it up.  

Pen won't work after charging - The pen turns itself off when you plug it in.  you will need to turn it on again after you charge it.

Light ring flashes white - This indicates that you have a short circuit in your cartridge or attachment.  Remove the cartridge or attachment and press the button.  The ring light should illuminate according to your power setting.