At Ario Vape, we strive for the most reliable, discreet cartridge batteries on the market.  Our cart batteries have a variety of features to meet the needs of any consumer. With such a wide assortment of cartridges on the market, all of our cartridge batteries have variable voltage so you can adjust the voltage setting to get the best flavor and experience possible.  Simply click the button 3 times to change the voltage. The indicator light will flash blue for the lowest voltage, green for medium and red for the highest voltage (and the biggest clouds). Be aware that although all cartridges can handle the highest voltage setting, using too much power can give your essential oils a burnt flavor.  We recommend you take your time and experiment with the 3 power settings to customize your vaping experience.

Ario Vape Contour3 Oil Cart BatteryContour 3: As the world's most universal cartridge battery, the C3 works with almost all standard 510 threaded cartridges, as well as other drop in magnet batteries. To help keep it all straight, included are three magnetic rings labeled with an S (for Sativa), H (for Hybrid) and I (for Indica) so you can keep track of your carts. With a powerful 900mAh battery it lasts longer on one charge than most other batteries no matter how often you use it. If you are vaping thicker oils, click the button 2 times to preheat your oil, and feel free to inhale while preheating. Enjoy!

Ario Vape Contour2 Oil Cart BatteryContour 2: As one of the most discreet cartridge battery on the market, it easily fits in the palm of your hand.  It’s perfect for anyone who wants to protect their cartridge from accidental breakage. The convenient pocket size battery is made for on the go vaping.  With a strong 650mAh battery and micro USB charging, you will always have plenty of power when you need it. If you are using thicker oils, click the button 2 times to preheat your oil before inhaling.

Ario Vape Preheat Oil Cart BatteryArio 1100 - The most powerful battery in the Ario Vape cartridge lineup, the 1100 features a long lasting 1100mAh battery as well as 3 voltage settings.  If you like both cartridges as well as loose concentrates, the 1100 is the best battery for you. You can use the 1100 as a stand alone cartridge battery, or use it with the Pocket Puff (sold separately) on the highest voltage setting for any of your loose concentrates.  

Ario Vape Preheat Pen Cart BatteryPreheat - The Ario Preheat is a great choice for anyone looking to start using essential oil cartridges.  It features 3 voltage settings, a preheat mode and a 400mAh battery. Use the included twist charger and when the light is green, you are ready to start your vaping experience.