Contour Mini Twist

$ 35

The Contour Mini Twist is our 5th generation magnetic cartridge battery.  The latest in the line of Contours is barely larger than a lighter and fits into the small pocket of your jeans!  It's 650mAh battery has true lasting power and is great for on the go consumption.  Just click the button 5 times and adjust the power with the small dial on the bottom to get the best flavor from your cartridges.

The Mini Twist comes with 3 magnetic rings.  Simply screw the ring onto any standard sized, threaded cartridge and drop it into the device.  The cartridge (and your precious oil) will be protected by the aluminum housing.

Discover the pinnacle of discreet vaping with the new Contour Mini Twist!


Length: 2.6"

Width 0.7"

Weight: 2.0 oz

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