Simple Squared: Your Bedtime Buddy

Anyone who takes a little hit before bed to ward off a restless night's sleep knows the frustration: the round vape pen that rolls off the night stand. And of course, the pen is black. And off course it's dark. And of course you have to roll all the way out of bed to find where the dang thing rolled away. 

Been there. Done that. 

Luckily, my husband, Ben happens to be our product designer.  And let's just say he wants his bride to have the sweetest of dreams. 

Thus the square design of the Simple Squared was born! 

I'm inherently a super-light sleeper. Any little wiggle or squeak or stir from our little girls down the hall and, "bing", mama's up!  And getting back to sleep isn't easy. So, I'll take a little hit. But when you're groggy, counting "5-clicks" to turn on a standard vape pen can be a bit, shall we say, confusing. 

Thus, the two-clicks and a breath-activation option was born!

And as any spouse who's been awoken by a frustrated, "harumphing" lover tossing-and-turning at 2 a.m. would do, Ben designed the simplest of options: just two clicks to turn it on/off and a breath-activated puff. 

Aaaahhhhhhh. That's all I needed. 

Sweet dreams...