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Ario Covert - Super discreet threaded e-cig clone

$ 25

Now in stock!!!

The Covert is the most discreet device we've ever released.  It looks like an e-cig but is for threaded cartridges (cartridge not included).  One of the unique innovations is that the charging port is the button.  So you tap the USB-C charging port to activate preheat mode, select from one of the 4 power levels and to turn the device on or off. 

The Covert is both breath and button activated, so if your cartridge is clogged you can press and hold the charging port to heat that clog up to make it easier to clear.

The non-slip grip makes it easy to hold and feels soft in the hand.

The Covert is covered by our 90 day limited warranty.

If you need assistance with your Covert or need full instructions, click here.

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