Ario Vape

Contour Mini Magnetic Cart Battery

$ 30
The Contour Mini magnetic cartridge battery is the newest design from the company focused on quality, function and reliability. Similar to the Simple Squared (S2), the CMini needs just 2 clicks to turn it on and off. And it's super easy to operate, you can either push the button to hit it or simply inhale to activate.
The powerful 650mAh battery features an auto-preheat function when you turn it on.  For consumers who like to vape loose concentrates, it works with the Ario Vape Wax Stick - so you can hit it quickly and discreetly.
And since your cartridge goes inside the device, you don't have to worry about broken and leaking cartridges. To use, simply screw one of the included magnetic rings onto the bottom of your cartridge and insert it into the device. It's that easy!
To recharge simply plug in the microUSB cord (included) into a standard wall plug.  And the window will allow you to view how much oil you have left without having to remove it from the battery.
All Ario Vape Contours come with a micro USB cord as well as 3 marked magnetic rings. (The cart in the picture is not included).

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