Ario Terp Stick: Cool Dabs on the Go

You’re constantly on the move and life is moving so quickly. You want to medicate, but setting up your whole rig, and the wait time to ready your medicine, can become tedious - not to mention quite inconvenient particularly when other people are around.

You need a fast-acting solution at-the-ready.

If you favor concentrates for the higher dose of medicine - and you are looking for fast relief without the longer wait - our Ario Vape Terp Stick is a great option. This handy device, also known as a “percolating dab straw” or “honey stick,” is a well-designed electronic nectar collector. Nectar collectors vaporize loose concentrates, so instead of loading wax into a pen, the Terp Stick operates by lightly touching the heating element over the concentrates as you inhale. 

With higher doses and heats can come more intense vapor.

To cool things down our Terp Stick has a water feature - an anti-spill bubbler mouthpiece - providing a more comfortable inhale. This handy tool comes in a hard case that already includes everything you need (except your product, of course): a micro USB charging cord, a cap for the tip to put on between uses, a cleaning brush and a small silicone puck to hold your product. 

You have the luxury of both a quartz and ceramic tip included in your kit.

Quartz tips offer long heat retention and durability while ceramic tips can help retain the flavor of the terpenes while retaining heat. 

For all of these reasons, our Terp Stick is great for on-the-go and to keep on going!